SmartHQ Creating and Managing Accounts


SmartHQ makes it easy to create new user accounts or update the permissions of existing employees on the Manage Web Users screen. This article will guide you through creating and managing accounts for your organization.


Creating a New User

1. Log in to SmartHQ.

2. Click the Manage Web Users option in the Administration column.

3. Select Create New User in the left column.


4. Enter the following new user information in the Account Information column:

  • Email Address
  • User Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name


5. Create a temporary password for the new user in the Account Information column.

Note: Passwords must contain at least eight characters and one number.

6. Assign the desired web permissions to the account in the Web Permissions column.  

7. Assign the locations that the new user will need to access in the Viewable Locations column.

8. Click Add in the Account Information column.

Account Permissions

When creating a new login, consider what permissions to grant the new user. You can limit a user’s visibility to a certain location or report, or set their permissions as “view only”.



Web Permissions

The Web Permissions section of the Manage Web Users screen corresponds directly to the reports available on SmartHQ. For example, the Administration heading correlates to the Administration Item header on the SmartHQ Home Page. The checkboxes indicate which web reports that a particular user can access. 

To configure the access levels for a particular report section, select the + sign next to the applicable column header. This will expand the list of corresponding reports available in SmartHQ.



Certain report headers, such as Manage SKU, can also be expanded and will contain an additional Editable permissions

  • When checked, this permission allows users to make changes to the content, and edit that part of the site.
  • When unchecked, the user will have "View Only" access to the report. 

If a route driver will not need access to financial information, consider unchecking the Customer Service and Transactions submenus. Those areas of SmartHQ will not be visible to that driver.


Deactivating Users

1. Return to the Home Page in SmartHQ.

2. Click the Manage Web Users option in the Administration column.

3. Click in the row with the user whose account you want to deactivate. The Manage Web Users screen will display, showing the information about the user you selected.

4. Select the Disable User button.


After an account has been disabled, the user will be not be able to sign in to the account unless it is reactivated by an Administrator. When the "Active Only" box is unchecked, the user's name will only show on the filtered list of users for a location.