Mobile Market Release 3.24 [11-03-2022]

Mobile Market 3.24

  • An issue affecting a specific subset of the Pico devices in the field has been fixed, where specific length barcodes when scanned the Pico was dropping the first digit
  • Operators and drivers are no longer required to use their full login the first time they access Pico's driver menu. Moving forward, those servicing the Pico can now use their Driver PIN immediately on each unique device.
  • Updates to VAT calculations for Bundle Promotions to better the consumer and operator experience. Improved calculations will streamline totals and sales values across the kiosk logic and ADM.
  • We have updated how the Mobile Market kiosks track and store promotion data to provide more granular detail. This update is the first part in having better insight into promotions and their usage, so we can provide enhanced and more in-depth reporting in ADM.
  • Fixed the issue regarding a payroll deduct group’s limit is lower than the default value for a location, then the consumers were inheriting the default value limit and thereafter could add additional funds to their limit. Consumers now will inherit the payroll deduct group’s limit they are assigned to, regardless of the location’s default limit group.
  • Corrected the 1 cent addition to a consumer's cart during a bundle promotion calculation.