Mobile App Release Notes 3.34 [11-03-2022]

365Pay 3.34

  • Consumers will now be taken through a tour of the app and its main functions upon sign up and your next time in the app. Note: this will appear for all users only once; beyond that it will only appear for new users or if new functionality is being showcased.

  • Improved consumer experience and security of the Forgot Password function. The Forgot Password button is now on the login screen along with the email and password fields, improving the consumer experience. Note: Consumers will have to navigate back to the Mobile App from the internet browser once they have successfully reset their password.

  • Manually linked Beacon locations will no longer appear as Order Ahead in the Shop tab. Previously if a consumer used the Link Location button in the Shop tab the locations would all appear permanently in the Shop list for that user as an Order Ahead location. Beacon location will now be excluded from this functionality.

  • Send a Snack has moved on the home screen of the app below the promotions and functionality has been fixed.

  • Fixed Order Ahead times outside of available showing as times for a consumer. Order Ahead times outside of the available time range, or in the past were appearing for consumers to select when ordering from the mobile app.

  • Additional lead time for Order Ahead time slots is now affecting the cut off time. The additional lead time set by the Operator/Location was not added into the cut off time calculation for Order Ahead time slots.

  • The toggle for the ability to turn auto-reload off has been fixed and will now effectively turn off the feature when selected.