ADM - Release Notes - 221007 [10-27-2022]

Release Notes rel-221007-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/27/22.



What’s New!

  • Home Commercials are a great way to advertise and communicate to end consumers on a device, ultimately increasing consumer engagement. With this release, we have streamlined the setup process of Home Commercials within ADM to make it easier to deploy and manage content. ADM users can now apply multiple commercials at a time to a Location and additionally can set a Start and End date/time. This update will allow for commercials to be loaded in advance of displaying on a device, and they can then automatically end without manual intervention.

  • The EFT: GMA Disbursement report is one of the most important reports that we have in ADM, as it relates directly to the funds that are disbursed to Operators. Based on feedback, it is evident that many Operators have fiscal periods that do not line up directly with 365 disbursement periods. To help provide an easier way to report on these financials, we have created a new “EFT Disbursement Alt” report, which will allow the data to be retrieved for an arbitrary timeframe. The core data and disbursement process will remain unchanged, but now Operators can aggregate the data on a timeframe that will more appropriately work for them.

  • As we continue to refine the new Gift Card feature in ADM, we have added a requirement for an Expiration Date to be set. When creating a new Gift Card, users must now select an Expiration Date that is no further than 1 year into the future. This update was made to help drive future functionality of automatic fund reconciliation so that Operators don’t have unused Gift Card liabilities outstanding indefinitely.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug around Planning Pick Lists within ADM that was causing products to not be added to the list in some scenarios. There was a bug in the UI that was preventing all items from being added to a Pick List if an already included item was selected to add. With this fix, the Planning functionality will once again work as anticipated.