MM6 Expansion Unit Installation Guide (With Video)


This article explains how to install the Expansion Unit (XP6) of the MM6 device. The expansion unit is an optional component that connects to the left side of this countertop kiosk.  It contains an Innovative Tech NV-9 Vertical Up-Stacker, an Epson M296A Receipt Printer, and a T-Lock.

Additional peripherals are also available for the MM6. Please see the MM6 ReadyTouch (MM6-RT) Hardware Guide or MM6 Company Kitchen (MM6-CK) Hardware Guide for more information. 



Setup Requirements

An MM6 and XP6 setup will require:

  • One outlet - 120VAC 3-prong grounded outlet (15 amp service)
  • One RJ45 wired Ethernet jack

The counter space needed for the device and expansion unit is based on the dimensions: 

  • 20” wide 
  • 15.5” deep 
  • 29.75” high

The MM6 and XP6 together weigh 78 lbs (about 35 kg). It is strongly suggested that these items are bolted to the countertop during installation. 

  • Weight of both devices: 78 lbs/35 kg total
    • Stand-alone MM6 weight: 51 lbs/ 23 kg
    • XP 6 unit Weight: 27 lbs/ 12 kg

The two devices are shipped separately and have the following shipping weights.

  • MM6: 59 lbs/ 28 kg with shipping materials
  • XP 6: 33 lbs/ 15 kg with shipping materials


Tools Required for Installation: 

  • 8th-inch hex wrench
  • 7/16th combination wrench



Video Instructions

Below, you will find instructions for this process in both video and text-based forms.


  1. Open the shipping boxes you have received: the larger box will contain the MM6, and the smaller one will contain the XP6. It is recommended that you keep the foam packing material, as it can be used as a stand for the expansion unit during the installation process.  
  2. Remove the side panel cover from the left-hand side of the MM6 by unscrewing the two screws that hold it in place. You may now discard this panel, as it was only needed for shipping purposes. 

  3. On the left-hand side of the triangle base of the MM6, you will see a screw located in the bottom middle. Remove this screw from the panel, and retain it for later use (Step #6). 

  4. Place the expansion unit into the foam you saved from the packing material. This will bring the XP unit to the proper height for installation. With both the MM6 and the Expansion unit on the same, level surface, slide the expansion unit next to the left side of the MM6. Tilt the top of the XP6 backward slightly, allowing the three threaded posts on the expansion unit to line up with the three holes on the side of the MM6. 

  5. Open the door of the kiosk. Secure the expansion unit to the kiosk with the included nuts and bolts via the three threaded posts on the expansion unit and the holes on the MM6. In the image below, the three bolts are outlined in red. 

  6. Reinstall the screw that was removed from the bottom covered in Step #3. It will now pass through the bottom of the XP6 and the MM6, helping secure it in place. 

  7. Feed the power cables through the cable access points behind the expansion unit into the MM6, and pull them through to the inside of the MM6. 

  8. Locate the power supply cable for the expansion unit inside the MM6: this will be a 90-degree barrel connection that has a black or red rubber sleeve. Plug the expansion unit power cable into this cable. You may apply electrical tape to the power connection if desired.

  9. Tuck the power cable into the bottom of the unit. 

  10. Feed the USB cable from the expansion unit through one of the cable access ports in the MM6. Plug this cable into any open USB port on the PC. Tuck all cables away to ensure they do not get caught in the door. 
  11. Close the door on the MM6, then power on the device. Verify network connectivity using the steps found in the Validating Network Status on ADM section of our Network Connectivity Verification article.