ADM - Release Notes -220916 [10-06-2022]

Release Notes rel-220916-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/6/22



What’s New!

  • When creating a new product-based promotion in ADM, users will now have an updated interface for selecting Items or Categories. Instead of having a single text box for selections, there will now be a modal popup that will make it much easier for users to find and choose what they need. In addition to the visual and process enhancements, this will also make creating and editing promotions more responsive.

  • The EFT: GMA Disbursement report within ADM is being updated to better account for Subsidy funds that are spent by consumers. With this update, there will be a new “Subsidy Spend” column on the report that will be placed following the current Adjustments column. This column will display the total amount of Subsidy funds that consumers tied to that location have spent during the specified EFT period. Please note that the Manual Adjustments column will no longer include the amount of spent subsidy funds, as well.

  • The Account Adjustment report in ADM is also being updated to better account for Subsidy funds. The report was previously showing just the Subsidy funds that were spent, but now it will be showing all subsidy funds added to account balances. This update will help operators to more clearly understand all funds that were added to a Subsidy Balance, even if a particular consumer never spends any of the funds.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes