ADM - Release Notes - 220826 [09-15-2022]

Release Notes rel-220826-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/15/22



What’s New!

  • To allow ADM to adequately handle the growing number of Orgs, Locations, and Products that operators have, we are implementing various phases of updates to the Create Promotion flow. The first update as part of this release is breaking out the creation flow into additional steps. The various filters when creating a promo, such as Org and Location selection, will now be further segmented to allow for a more responsive interaction. As we progress through the end of this year, we will be releasing additional phases of promotion enhancements.
  • On the Device List page, found in the Admin tab on ADM, we have updated the search functionality. Users can now search for devices by both Device Name and Serial Number, making it easier to locate specific devices.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Inventory Variance report that was causing the Start Qty to be periodically listed as 0, even if there was an actual value associated. With this fix, the report will once again accurately display values and allow users to find any true variances in inventories.
  • We have fixed a couple of bugs related to bundle promotions and VAT Tax implementations for international operations. With these fixes, bundle promotions will more accurately handle taxes and discounts, ensuring consumers are charged the correct amounts.