Stockwell 2.0 User Guide


This article serves as the user guide for Stockwell 2.0




Stockwell 2.0 Specs

For further information on the specifications of this device, please see the Stockwell Spec Sheet


Power Requirements

  • The technology (PC, Pico, Optconnect, cameras) and dry compartment pull 0.5 Amp at 115VAC.
  • The refrigerator compartment power cord pulls 1.6 Amp at 115VAC.


Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 57”
  • Width: 60”
  • Depth: 24”
  • Weight: 400lbs. (181kg.)



Setting Up the Stockwell 2.0

  1. Plug in the store
  2. Allow the store 4-6 minutes to boot up. While this occurs, a yellow error message will be visible, informing you that cooler functions are disabled during the start-up process. 
  3. After Startup completes, you will see a red error message saying “Cooler Safety checks have failed." This is normal, and part of the process.  
    Locate the controller below the Pico device at the bottom of the Store. Hold the down arrow button on this controller for 5 seconds to clear the error. You will see “---” when the error has successfully been cleared. 


Troubleshooting the Stockwell 2.0

Tools Needed

  • Philips-head Screwdriver
  • Optional: keyboard and monitor


Accessing SW 2.0 Technology Components

  1. Open the doors to the unit through the Restockwell App or through the Pico Menu
  2. Select Start Service Maintenance
  3. Remove the 4 screws that are on each side of the panel, shown below
  4. Carefully slide the front panel forward. Do not move the panel too far out, as the Molex connectors may detach.
  5. Removing the center panel to access the technology components, shown below
  6. Remove the two screws at the top and bottom of the Whisper 10 PC Chassis
  7. Carefully slide the PC out of the unit as shown. 
    Be sure to not tangle or unplug the PC, OptConnect, or PC Power, which are plugged into the Internal Power Strip. 
  8. Perform maintenance tasks as required. If this process requires the use of a keyboard and monitor, use the front 2 ports on the PC to connect your devices, as shown below. 
  9. When all work is complete, slide the PC back into the unit
  10. Reinsert the two screws into the PC chassis and tighten
  11. Line up the bottom of the panel and put it back into place, being sure to match up the screw holes
  12. Screw in the panel, with 4 screws on each side
  13. Close the doors to the unit


Unlocking the Store Without Power

Each store is built with mechanical locks. This enables the store to be opened with a key in the event that the store does not have power. 


The lock is located underneath the middle leg of the SW 2.0 unit. On either side of the lock are switches that can turn the cooler and ambient side lights off. 


Moving a Stockwell 2.0

Two people minimum are required to physically relocate a Stockwell 2.0 device. If possible, we recommend three to four people complete this task.  


Recommend Equipment

To safely move this device, we recommend using the following equipment:

  1. Forearm Straps, to aid in picking up the device
  2. Two Furniture Dollies, to easily move the unit about

Moving Process

  1. To begin, have one to two people on each side of the SW 2.0 unit. Starting with one side of the unit, carefully lift the unit from the base as shown, and slide one dolly underneath the leg. Ensure that the leg is securely placed on the dolly. Forearm straps may be used to facilitate this process
    While this occurs, the person on the other side of the unit should be held as upright as possible, to prevent the unit from tipping onto its side. 
  2. Keeping the first leg in place, carefully lift the other side of the unit in the same manner, and place the second dolly beneath it. Ensure that the center leg is also braced on one of the dollies if possible, to ensure greater stability. 
    Both dollys should be fully supporting the unit as shown, enabling the unit to roll freely. 
  3. Carefully move SW 2.0 into its intended location.
  1. Once the unit has been brought to the appropriate location, once again have one to two people on each side of the SW 2.0 unit. Lift one side of the unit up from the base as before, allowing the dolly to be removed. Carefully lower the leg of the SW 2.0 onto the ground
  2. Repeat step 6. for the other leg to remove the second dolly