Avanti HelpCenter merging with the 365 HelpCenter - FAQ

As part of a larger effort to combine resources to strengthen the support that our company provides operators, Avanti Markets has merged its Zendesk Help Center into 365 Retail Markets’ Zendesk account.




When will the merge take place?

The merge will take effect Monday, August 29th 2022

What is the link to the 365 HelpCenter? (save to your favorites!)

How do I contact Avanti support via email now?

There is no change to how you contact email support.  Please continue to submit support tickets and requests to

How do I contact Avanti support via web form now?

After August 29th, users can click the “Submit a Ticket” option located in the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the 365 Retail Markets HelpCenter to contact Avanti Support via web from or click here.

Does my Avanti HelpCenter login carry over to the 365 HelpCenter?

Unfortunately, Avanti HelpCenter accounts do not carry over. However, operators no longer need to submit a request for a new account.  Instead, users can easily create a new account following the steps found here.

How do I view my tickets created after August 29th, 2022?

Once you create your new account following the article above, you will be able to view any ticket created moving forward.

How do I view my HelpCenter tickets that I created prior to August 29th?

Tickets created prior to August 29th, 2022 will not be visible in the 365 HelpCenter. We will keep the Avanti HelpCenter database live for one year following the merge, and operators can use their old accounts on the Avanti HelpCenter to view tickets submitted prior to August 29, 2022. 

Will I still be able to find helpful Avanti-based HelpCenter articles in the 365 HelpCenter?

Yes, operators can access Avanti-specific articles on the new HelpCenter. Additionally, for ease of use, most article on the 365 HelpCenter instance do not require users to log into their accounts to view them.