ADM - Release Notes - 220805 [08-25-22]

Release Notes rel-220805-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 8/25/22


What’s New

  • We are introducing a great new feature of Gift Cards on the V5, 365Dining, and 365pay platforms! This new offering will allow Operators to create a Gift Card that can be handed out to end consumers to either fund an existing GMA account or be used to make one-time purchases, ultimately lessening the dependency on proprietary MEI bucks. Gift Cards are QR code-based and can leverage the device barcode scanner, thus not requiring a bill validator to use.
    • This feature is going to offer incredible flexibility in how Operators can distribute funds and reward consumers, thus allowing for numerous new use cases to be handled. A potential use case of Gift Cards is handing out $10 vouchers as a reward to consumers that will allow them to fund their existing Global Market Account.

  • The new GMA Subsidy feature in ADM is a great way to automatically add funds to Consumer accounts. Instead of having to manually add the funds, operators can simply set and forget the automated Subsidy program. To help provide more detail around these funds, we have added a new Subsidy Consumer Spend report in ADM. This report will detail all sale transactions that were completed with Subsidy funds, allowing operators to quickly see the value of funds spent.

  • 365 offers a number of premium payment integrations on the V5 platform, including CBORD, Blackboard, ITC, Touchnet, and Atrium. To provide operators with more detail on these payment methods, we have updated the reporting in ADM to show the specific payment type used. Previously, reports were just showing a general “Special” payment method, but now applicable reports will show the specific payment, such as “CBORD”.

  • The Global Product Change feature in ADM is a very powerful tool that can update all products in bulk. To help limit any potential errors, we have updated the confirmation prompt that users see before submitting a change. Users must now type in the word “CONFIRM” before they can successfully save their updates, which will help to prevent erroneous submissions.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that was preventing the detailed record of a specific Inventory from opening on the Inventory List tab on the Location Summary page. With this fix, users can once again select an individual Inventory record and see the detailed breakdown of products and values inventoried.