ADM - Release Notes - 220624 [07-14-22]

Release Notes rel-220624-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 7/14/22


What’s New

  • Exporting reports from ADM is one of the most commonly completed tasks on the entire platform. To make this process easier and to save time for users, we have added the ability to export reports before running the results within ADM. With this update, users will be able to set the report criteria, and then export the results as an Excel or PDF file instead of having to run the report first. This will streamline the process of retrieving reports and will allow users to more reliably receive data.
  • Many ADM users schedule reports to be sent to them via email so they don’t have to go into ADM and manually retrieve the report. With this update, we have added additional information to the scheduled report email, so users have more insight into what data they have received. This will make it easier to understand what email was received if users have multiple scheduled reports set up.
  • The Cashout Log report in ADM displays data on the amount of cash that was inserted and removed from a device’s bill acceptor. To provide more insight into this report, we have added a “Kiosk” column, which will display the specific device serial number. This will make it possible to know which device the cash was inserted and removed from if a location has multiple kiosks.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug with the Auto Funding email that end consumers receive when an event was automatically triggered. There were a number of scenarios where consumers were receiving an email stating that their auto funding was unsuccessful, even though funds had actually been added to their account. With this fix, the communications sent to consumers will be in line with what has actually taken place, helping to limit confusion.