Mobile Market 3.20 - Release Notes [06-30-2022]

Mobile Market 3.20

What's New 

  • GMA Subsidies are a recently introduced feature for 365 that allows operators to set up automatic funding for consumer accounts. Instead of having to manually calculate and add funds to accounts, operators can set and forget automatic subsidies through this feature. With this release, we have introduced a new Split Pay concept on Mobile Market that will allow consumers to use a Subsidy and Consumer Account Balance on the same transaction. Instead of needing to have a completely sufficient Subsidy balance to complete a transaction, consumers can now use up their remaining Subsidy balance and then automatically pull from their Consumer Account balance for a single transaction.
    For more information, please see the Subsidy section of our ADM Platform - Consumer Subsidy/Multibalance Functionality article

What's Improved 

  • Offline devices were not able to reload commercials upon reboot. This has been resolved, if a device is rebooted and offline, they will now be able to continue to view the commercials.
  • Interac debit can now be used as a payment method to unlock coolers with pre-authorizations on controlled access PicoCoolers in Canada.

For the previous Mobile Market release notes, please see Mobile Market 3.19 - Release Notes [6-8-2022].