ADM - Release Notes - 220603 [06-23-2022]

Release Notes rel-220603-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 6/23/22. 



What’s New

  • ADM now has a new Inventory List report that will detail every Physical Inventory that was performed for the selected locations. Previously, there was no easy way to tell when inventories were performed at locations besides going into each record one by one. This report will save time and effort by making it much easier to determine where inventories have been completed.
  • The ADM portion of a new Modifier Calorie concept has been completed. When creating and editing Modifiers within ADM, Operators will now be able to enter calorie information, as well. This update will allow Operators to enter calorie data at both the overall product and modifier levels. This means that, as consumers customize their orders, the calories are accurately reflected. Please note that this feature will be fully available after the 220601-kiosk release.
    For more information, please see ADM DNA (Dietary Nutrition Analysis).

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Subsidy setup UI in ADM that was making it difficult to manage at some locations. With this fix, the UI will no longer overlap, so users can see and interact with all of the components.

Further Reading 

For the previous ADM release notes, please read ADM - Release Notes - 220513 [6-2-2022]