MM6 - OrderAhead Operator Guide


This guide will provide details on how to modify your MM6 operations to accommodate scheduled orders sent to the device remotely with OrderAhead.

The MM6 OrderAhead feature provides an opportunity for consumers to place orders with the operator's device remotely. This can be done via the 365Pay mobile app or the 365Pay site, or on the device itself. The system is ideal for situations where staff may not have access to their smartphones or a browser in order to use our OrderAhead app. 

If you have any further questions about the OrderAhead process, please see 365Dining - OrderAhead Operator Guide.

For more information on the MM6 kiosks, please see the MM6 - Hardware Guide and the MM6 - Setup and Installation Guide.


Request This Feature

This feature is not turned on by default. Please contact 365Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have this feature enabled.


Enabling OrderAhead 

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Select the Menu tab from ADM's main menu

  3. Select Self-service from the list of options available

  4. Once directed to the Self Services page, you will see a toggle button for OrderAhead on Kiosk (shown below). Select this toggle to enable it. You may select it again to disable it at any time. 



Customizing Your OrderAhead Settings

  1. Select Location from the main menu of ADM

  2. Select the name of the particular location you would like to modify from the list available

  3. You will now be taken to the Location Summary screen for that location. Scrolling down the page, you will then find the OrderAhead settings listed on this page, which you can modify as needed. For example, you can add Pickup locations, or create disclaimer messaging for your customers. For more information on these settings, see the 365Dining - OrderAhead Operator Guide.

    OrderAhead settings in ADM.png


Customized Order Number Display Settings

In the Dining Order Number Display Settings, you can customize how many digits are in the order numbers for your location (2, 3, or 4), as well as how many of the customer's initials will appear in the order number (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the first or last name). 


365Pay App - OrderAhead Receipt example - order number highlighted.jpg

  1. Log into ADM
  2. From the Location tab, select the desired location.
  3. The Location Summary page will display. Select the Click here for location information and settings ( + ) button.
  4. Adjust settings as desired in the Dining Order Number Display Settings field. Please note that if your Kiosk is offline/Local mode, the order numbers will revert to standard order format and will not be able to provide the customized order number configurations.

    ADM - OrderAhead Dining Order Number Display Settings.png 

Things to note about customized order numbers: 

  • When the maximum number of orders has been reached, the numbers will start over from the beginning. For example, when the order numbers have a maximum of two digits, the next order number after 99 will be 01 again.
  • If the number of digits is changed, the next order number will start at the beginning of the list. For example, if the orders are increased from two digits to three digits during a busy lunch rush, even though the next order would have been 56 (a two-digit number), it will instead be 001 (a three-digit number).
  • If a user does not enter their name for the transaction, no initials will show in the order number, and the order number will be a string of digits only.
  • Order numbers cannot be searched in ADM. However, you will still be able to search by the transaction numbers. To learn more about transactions, please see the article ADM - Transaction Report 


Set Order Limits for Time Slots

You can also set order limits for particular time slots, meaning that once that number of people select that time slot for their order, the time slot will not be available to other customers. This helps prevent backups in the kitchen. 

Please note that the pickup location and pickup times change depending on not just datetime but also on inventory. Therefor, your OrderAhead kiosk must be online for your customers to use this feature, so that it can communicate with the rest of your system. 

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Select the Menu option on the main menu, and choose Self Service from the drop-down options

  3. Find the particular menu you would like to edit, and select Set Limits from the Order Limits column for that menu

  4. You will then be taken to the Self Service Menu Order Limits screen for that menu, where you are able to make any adjustments required



Creating an OrderAhead Menu

Once the above steps are complete, please visit OrderAhead Features: ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons to create your OrderAhead menu. 


Tax Settings

If you are using OrderAhead in addition to other services, you have multiple types of taxes that must be applied to your products. See ADM - Tax Mapping and Creating Tax Rates to see how unique tax settings may apply to your needs. 


Utilizing Lockers 

If lockers are enabled at your organization, you can use them as your pickup locations. You can learn more by reading Lockers – Operator Guide: Setup & Maintenance


The Customer Experience

Customer Experience Walkthrough

Please see the following walkthrough for an example of what your customers will see. You may also find this walkthrough at MM6 OrderAhead Walkthrough | 365 Retail Markets

To learn more about the customer experience, continue reading this article below. 


What the End User Sees

When a user approaches the kiosk, they will scan in or enter their account credentials as normal. Next, they will see a screen with all location options listed. The Pickup locations may have images (such as in the first image below), or text only (see the second image). 

If your organization only has one location, this step will be skipped, and they will proceed to the next screen. 


Once they have selected the pickup location, they will then choose if they would like their order today or tomorrow, and will select the time slot for the order. The time slots are broken up into 15 minute increments, and the earliest time shown will be the next 15-minute window from the current time.  



After they select the time they would like, they then proceed to the menu to order as normal.

OrderAhead Menu with Featured Item.png

Once the customer has completed shopping, they will proceed to their cart to check out. The cart screen will show the summary of their items, as well as confirmation of the Pickup Time and Pickup Location for their order. 



They can then select an email, text, or printed receipt. All of these options will list the Pickup Time and Pickup Location for the order. 


For instructions on printer settings, such as how to consolidate kitchen chits, please see the 365Dining - OrderAhead Operator Guide.


If the MM6 device is Offline

If the MM6 device is offline, the customer will order and checkout without the OrderAhead feature. A message will display, stating that the OrderAhead feature is unavailable at this time, please try again later.

MM6 - OrderAhead not available message.png