ADM - Release Notes - 220513 [06-2-2022]

Release Notes rel-220513-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 6/2/22.



What’s New!

  • Having insight into how consumers are making purchases at a device can be very beneficial by allowing operators to understand consumer behavior. With this in mind, we have made two updates to ADM that will provide operators with detailed insight into consumer purchasing methods. The first update is adding a new “Account Method” field to the transaction level detail on the Consumer Summary page. The second update is adding a new Payment Methods report that will break down how consumers are making purchases. Both of these updates will make it possible to tell how consumers are checking out and with what specific account methods (such as fingerprint or scancode) they are using.

  • We are introducing a new Group type of Bundle Promotion that will provide operators with more control and customization options. With this new concept, operators can now create custom groups of individual Items or Product Categories that will act as the Bundle groups. Where this is most helpful is when a product category encompasses products that you don’t want to include in the bundle. For example, if there is a category of “Beverages” but you only want to discount the various bottled waters, you will now be able to create a custom group within the promo for just those included waters. This is a great new feature that will allow for more unique and applicable promotions to be applied.

  • Please be advised that a new queuing method has been implemented for ADM Balance Adjustments. This behind-the-scenes process was implemented to help with the continuous scaling of GMA Accounts to ensure that all adjustments are accurately tracked and applied. With this update, the Consumer Summary page may take a few seconds or require a refresh of the page to show the updated Balance. This is due to the queuing process, so the updates to the balance in the UI may not be instantaneous.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Account Adjustment report in ADM that was preventing it from running in some instances. With this fix, users will once again be able to reliably pull this report and get data on the various balance adjustments that have been completed.