365Ops - Release Notes [5-19-2022]

365Ops Release Notes

The 365Ops app has been enhanced to provide operators the ability to get specific data points and connectivity information about their locations and devices in addition to the ability to self-provision Beacons as devices

  • A new Home tab where the operator can see the organizations they are linked to and the ability to see all locations under that Org.

  • Selecting a location will allow the Operator to see all devices, sortable by alert priority, along with device connectivity status that indicates the number of devices online, offline, or in local mode.

  • Selecting a device will display the following:
    • Last Full Sync, Serial Number, and Deploy Date of the selected device.

  • Device date and timestamp will be displayed for:
    • Last Credit Card, Last Account Purchase, and Last Cash Purchase
      The Operator can now do a full sync and reboot from the device details screen.

  • New connectivity chart that can be filtered by hours or days with colored segments to indicate connectivity status timeframes.