ADM - Release Notes - 220422 [05-12-2022]

Release Notes rel-220422-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 5/12/22



What’s New!

  • When relocating a Pico device now, you will no longer have to contact Sales Admin or pay a fee! We will no longer prevent operators from relocating a Pico, so now you will be able to perform this action at your discretion, as many times as you like. Please note, if your device is still prompting you to contact 365 Sales Admin for the relocation, be sure to first update your Pico using the Mobile agent.

  • On the Location Dashboard in ADM, there is a new column for “Last Full Sync”. This field will display the Date and Time of the most recent Full Sync for each Location, thus providing that insight. Please note that a nightly full sync for each online device takes place automatically.

  • When creating a new Product in ADM, we have updated the flow and UI around extending products to Locations. These changes will make it much easier for Operators to extend products through the use of a new Location selection dropdown and cutting out unnecessary steps in the process.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Inventory Variance report in ADM that was causing the Variance quantities to be off. We have updated the Inventory Adjustments that are included as the data input, so the Variances are now correctly reflecting what is actually taking place.

  • A bug in the Sales Analysis report that was preventing the report from generating for some locations has been addressed. With this fix, the report will once again retrieve and display data for all selected locations.