ADM - Release Notes - rel-220401-server [4-21-22]


This article will outline the new features and fixes that were deployed on 4/21/22 in the rel-220401-server release.


What’s New

  • Thanks to the wealth of feedback our operators have provided on the new ADM Subsidy feature, we have added numerous enhancements that greatly improve functionality. Some of the key highlights include no longer requiring both a Top Off and Rollover Group, adding in additional Subsidy details on the Consumer Balance section, adding in a Subsidy End Date, and having the ability to exclude weekends on Daily fundings.

  • In ADM on the Transaction Search results, we have added a field for “Pickup Location” for Order Ahead transactions. With this update, operators will be able to tell the specific pickup location on a transaction level, providing more insight. If a transaction was made through Order Ahead, the pickup location that was specified by the consumer will be shown next to the Location Name.


Bug Fixes

  • There was a bug in the Inventory Variance report that was causing some of the ending product quantities to be off. With this release, we have fixed that bug in the report so that variances in product inventories are now accurately tracked and reported.