ADM - Release Notes - rel-220204-server [3-31-22]


This article will outline the new features and fixes that were deployed on 3/31/22.


What’s New

  • We have updated the sign-in flow to ADM to allow for extended future functionality. When you first go to ADM, you will now see a “Sign In” button, which when selected will navigate to a new screen for your Email and Password. Your same exact credentials that have been used will continue to work on ADM to log in, so this is purely a UI change at this time.

  • ADM has a Global Product Change feature that allows users to update Products in bulk. This is a very powerful tool that can be used to update both Global and Location level characteristics at once, saving users time and effort. The feature has been revamped within ADM to support the growing number of locations and products, while also introducing some new functionality. The first change is that products will now be updated behind the scenes and will not attempt to process all within the UI. This change has allowed us to remove limits on the number of locations and products that can be updated at once. The second update to the feature is a new History view. This new functionality will allow users to view and export a detailed history of the most recent Global Product Change submissions so that they can see what was updated for each product.

  • We are introducing a new Age Verification feature that can be utilized in some controlled access Pico Locations. This feature will allow users within ADM to generate a ‘PIN’ value that can then be used by consumers to unlock and purchase restricted items. Age Verification is another method for operators and clients to control which consumers can purchase certain items from a market. Please contact your 365 Sales Rep for additional information.
  • With this release of ADM, the Promotion functionality has had numerous updates and fixes made to it. These include the ability to edit larger promotions once they have been created, fixing an error with creating bundle promotions within ADM, and fixing a bug where bundle promotions were not applying on some devices. All these updates and fixes help to ensure that users can reliably create and manage promotions to meet their specific needs.

  • An integration for the acceptance of Atrium is the latest Premium Payment addition to the V5 kiosk! With this new integration, the V5 can now accept Atrium as a premium payment method, in addition to CBORD, Blackboard, ITC, and Touchnet. Please contact your 365 Sales rep for more information on how to enable and accept Atrium.

  • The V5 kiosk can accept the Military Star Card as a payment method when enabled for a Location. We have updated the reporting within ADM to provide a clearer description of these transactions so that ADM users can clearly tell the payment method. When a Military Star Card is used, ADM will now show “MIL_STAR” as the payment method type.
  • We have completely revamped the Device List page within ADM by adding new filters, updating how results are retrieved, and updating the grid layout. When users navigate to the Admin > Devices page, the results will now load much faster than they did previously and will display updated and accurate information in the grid. These updates will ensure that all users can reliably pull Device data for their Orgs and get the necessary insight into each device record.


Bug Fixes

  • The Account Adjustment report in ADM had a bug that was causing some of the Initial and Ending Balances to be off. We have fixed this report so that the balances displayed accurately reflect what the balance was before and after the adjustment was made.

  • The Sales Analysis report in ADM can filter results based on the Product Category. This filter was not working as expected due to a bug, so in some instances, the Categories were not populating. We have fixed this bug so that the Category filter can now be selected before returning the report results.

  • On the ADM homepage dashboard, some users had an issue that was preventing them from sorting the Location results based on the ‘Device’ column. We have fixed this bug so that users will be able to sort the result by Device, so they can quickly get an accurate view of the status of all Locations.