ADM - Release Notes - rel-211210 [2-3-22]


This article will outline the new features and updates that were deployed on 2/3/22 with the rel-211210-server release.


What’s New

  • As 365 continues to implement new Global Market Account features for consumers, we are also updating various back-end components to make it easier to support and manage accounts. As part of this release, we have updated the Consumer Summary page to show a more consolidated Balance History for each consumer. This consolidation will show a single balance grid that incorporates all funding, sale, and account adjustment events. Additionally, we have changed how the data for events is retrieved, so now all historical transactions will be available within this grid.

  • In ADM on the Menu Info page, we have added in a toggle for “Include in Order Ahead”. This toggle will give operators the ability to determine if an entire menu will show for consumers when interacting with an Order Ahead Location in 365Pay. Previously, we allowed operators to show/hide specific products on the menu, and with this update the entire menu itself can now be toggled.

  • We have made a number of technical updates to the Promotion Creation flow, as well as the Promotion Analysis report in ADM. Both sets of updates are designed to help Promotions run more smoothly when creating and editing them, in addition to being able to report on the results. With these updates to the creation flow and the Promotion Analysis report, operators will more reliably be able to manage Promotions from ADM.


Bug Fixes

  • We have made some fixes to the Sales Summary and Cost report in ADM for some issues that were causing incorrect values to display. With these fixes, this report will once again display accurate sales data for the selected criteria.