Lightspeed - iPad Passcodes, Licenses, & Charging


The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding iPad management for Lightspeed.


iPad Passcodes & Licenses

In Lightspeed Administrator, user accounts have a passcode attached to them. This passcode is the iPad login credential for that individual user.

Each company has a specific number iPad login licenses (login sessions). If the iPads are no longer letting any new logins, this means that the license limit has been reached. To address this, follow the below steps to reset the iPad licenses:

  1. In Lightspeed Administrator, navigate to Lightspeed Processes Reset iPad Licenses.

  2. Click on the Reset iPad Licenses button.

  3. This will reset all active licenses within the database. Users will need to log back into their iPads.

Resetting Licenses within the Database

To reset a License within the database, use the following process:

  1. Open SQL.

  2. Open a new query under the lightspeed database.

  3. Input the following command: update mobileidmap set authorizationcode = NULL
  4. Run the query.


iPad Charging

For specific information relating to iPad hardware & charging instructions, please view the attached PDF on the left-hand side of this article.