ADM Rel - 211008 - [10-28-21]

Release Notes rel-211008-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/28/21



What’s New!

  • The Global Product Change in ADM is a widely used feature that helps to edit and update products in a bulk manner. With this release, we have extended the functionality of this feature by adding in new characteristics that can be edited. The Global Product Change will now allow users to update both the Tax and Deposit Categories, all Pick List components, and extend/un-extend products in bulk.

  • Please note the Cash Audit report in ADM is no longer showing specific bills used as part of Account Funding events. This data was not an accurate representation of what was being inserted so we will now be displaying a total amount funded.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed the Report selection pane in ADM so that users will be able to scroll and view all reports. Previously, on smaller screens the report list was getting cut off and users had to zoom out in order to see some of the reports. With this fix, users will be able to view and select all reports.

  • General bug fixes.