ADM Rel - 210917 - [10-7-21]

Release Notes rel-210917-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/07/21



What’s New!

  • To make Order Ahead more robust, we have added in additional functionality in ADM that will allow operators to set Order Limits by Pickup Location. Instead of simply setting limits for the entire location, each individual pickup location, including 365Lockers, can now have their own unique order limit. This can be setup and managed on the Self-Service Menu List page by selecting the Order Limit link in the grid.

  • We have added in Static Menus to ADM that will allow operators to create menu components that remain constant, regardless of day or time. These menus will impact Order Ahead and 365Dining in that if there are items sold continuously, they can be added to a Static Menu to be included in all menus. In the Menu dropdown in ADM, there will be a new Static Menu option where this new menu type can be created.

  • The 365Pay app is a great way to drive consumer engagement and provide users with unique opportunities, such as Loyalty. To provide more insight for operators into which consumers are using the app and taking advantage of the many benefits, we have added additional consumer detail to ADM. On the Consumer Search grid and on the Consumer Summary page, there will now we fields for “Has App”. If this field shows “Yes”, that means that the consumer has associated their GMA account on the 365Pay app.

  • Pick Lists are a critical management component of many locations in ADM. To help make this page easier to use for everyone, we have made the Pick List grid responsive. With this update, users will be able to easily navigate their Pick List on different browser sizes, thus providing the ability to manage products from anywhere.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes.