ADM Rel - 210820 - [9-2-21]

Release Notes rel-210820-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/02/21



What’s New!

  • 365Beacons are a great solution for a wide variety of locations as they can act as a standalone market or can be paired with other hardware to act as a line buster. We have dramatically changed how beacons are treated within ADM and how they are staged to give operators more insight and control over them. Beacons will now show as a true device record within ADM, making them easier to manage and report on. Additionally, beacons can now be staged directly in the field via the “365Ops” app, which can be downloaded from the various app stores. With this enhancement, operators can now bulk order beacons and stage them in the field as sales opportunities arise.

  • As 365 continues to expand upon the Global Market Account system and provide new ways to fund accounts, we need to ensure that operators have a detailed and accurate view into these balances. With this release, we have updated the Consumer Summary page to include a single Balance History section, combining the Account Purchases and Account Funding sections into one grouping. This update will provide the flexibility to expand on GMA and always provide detailed insight into consumer balances.

  • On the Device Dashboard page in ADM, we have added in a new “Check Connection” button that will perform a real time device check. This will provide users with a way to check the connection status of a device at any point to see what mode a kiosk is in. Please note that statuses shown throughout ADM do take time to update for Online, Offline, and Local modes, meaning that the most accurate status will be given from this Check Connection option.

  • The Account Adjustment report in ADM has been updated to include all reason codes that were used to make balance adjustments. Previously this report was only including a handful of reason codes and now all adjustments will be included in this report. This update will ensure that operators have all applicable data and that the Adjustments column on the EFT: GMA Disbursement report can be tied out.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes.