International - PicoMarket - SV365 Distributor Guide

Table of Contents


Key Terms

  • 365Pay Application: Available to all GMA users via Apple or Google Play stores. Allows for Touchless Transactions. 
  • Activation Code: This code will be needed during self-provisioning of the PicoMarket for processing credit cards.
  • ADM: This is the tool operators use to manage their markets. Typically used for V5 kiosks, ReadyTouch (365Dining), NanoMarkets, 365Beacons, and Picos.
  • GMA: Global Market Account 
  • Merchant ID (MID): Unique number generated by Worldline for each operator to process their credit card sales.
  • myPortal: Worldline/Six portal that customers will access to obtain all information for credit card transaction and batching history. 
  • PicoMarket: Hardware device - small POS (point of sale) 
  • PostLux SIM Cards: Used for connectivity and provided by Mikrolab 
  • Self-Provision: Customers will self-provision the PicoMarket device. In this process, they will set the device to an organization, location, set the product list, activate the MID on the Pico device (for credit card usage), etc.
  • Terminal ID (TID): Each PicoMarket terminal is linked via a TID to a MID specific to each Operator. 
  • VAT: European Taxes
  • Worldline/Six: A payment processor provider that will be receiving the credit card sales transactions for settlement and will transfer the funds to your bank directly less the transaction fees.


Key Stakeholders

  • Operator Contact: Coordinates client resources and manages the sites market via the PicoMarket.
  • Distributor: Provides hardware and helps facilitate the process between operator and International 365 Sales team.
  • International 365 Sales Team: Often responsible for gathering deliverable from the operator; primary contact from 365’s side.  



This document will provide information about a new hardware device, PicoMarket, which is a small footprint point of sale. The Pico can be connected via Wi-Fi (but cannot be guest network) or 365 provided PostLux SIM card.


Spec Sheet


Ordering the PicoMarket Device

For this process, the distributor is to work with International Team to order new stock. For Mikrolab and SV365, this would be done via intersite transfer. Once the operator submits their order, it is pushed to the distributor. The distributor will then need to provide serial number(s) of the PicoMarket device(s) and, if applicable, the SIM card. The distributor will then push it to 365 to process.


PostLux Setup and Billing Process

  • SV365 must inform Purchasing () when they are down to 5 SIM cards.
  • Purchasing will generate and submit the PO to Mikrolab.
  • Mikrolab will ship to SV365
  • Operators will receive recurring fee from 365.


SIM Cancellation

  • If an Operator decides to cancel connectivity via SIM card prior to twelve months, they will still need to pay for twelve months since it is a binding contract.
    • There is no penalty for early termination but will still have to pay for twelve months. After twelve months, one can cancel the contract every month.
    • Termination MUST be sent on or before the 20th of the month. To cancel, an email with the SIM card number must be sent to Peter Muhlmann ( and copy Stefan Wendland (


Installation and Self-Provisioning of PicoMarket

  • The PicoMarket stands will be shipped from Troy to the distributor
  • Distributors will mount the Pico and ship to the operator
  • Distributors will need to note the Pico serial number
  • Picos are self-provisioned so Distributors will ship the devices(s) to the operator as inventory units and the operator will be in charge of staging.
    • Click HERE to view the self-provisioning process operators go through.


NOTE: Distributors need to verify if the operator ordered the device as WiFi or SIM, so as not to send out SIMs for devices where the operator did not request them.



Distributor and 365 contact information can be found HERE.