Master Article - Kiosk Connectivity - External


The purpose of this article is to display all external articles on Kiosk Connectivity in the HelpCenter website in one central location. This includes:

  • Checking if your kiosk is online
  • Troubleshooting connectivity
  • Network requirements for all devices


Offline Kiosk: On-Site Troubleshooting

This video will demonstrate how to verify kiosk connectivity on V5 and Legacy. It will also walk you through some on-site troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get your kiosk back online.


Verify if Your Kiosk is Online/Troubleshooting


Smart HQ / ADM

NOTE: If you are not able to bring your kiosk online using the remote troubleshooting steps provided in the article above, watch time segment 0:51-4:00 of the Offline Kiosk: On-Site Troubleshooting video.


Additional Resources

Network Requirements