How to Reprogram Barcode Scanner - Zebra MS4717 Programming Sheet


This article provides instructions and the default configuration programming sheet for the Zebra MS4717 Barcode Scanner. This scanner is present in Legacy and V5 platform MicroMarket kiosks from approximately January 2021 onward. This scanner is also currently involved in the ongoing MM6-RT product line beta.

The attached scanning sheet adds the required "CR'" suffix to scans and enables dim light assist mode.


Zebra MS4717 Barcode Scanner


  1. Verify that the correct manufacturer and model number are present on the device to be reprogrammed. Use the image above to help ensure correct identification. The model number should be on the underside of the scanner.

  2. Download the document attached to this article.

  3. Provide the document to the on-site personnel who will be reprogramming the barcode scanner. This code may be printed on paper or displayed using a mobile device screen.

  4. Scan the QR code on the document to reprogram the scanner. The scanner should beep when the scan is successful.