ADM Rel - 201120 - [12-3-20]

Release Notes rel-201120-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/3/20.



What’s new

  • We are pleased to announce a great new upsells feature for locations in ADM that are using Order Ahead! With this new upsells feature, operators will be able to present consumers with additional buying opportunities as they are placing their order online or in 365Pay. This is a great way to show consumers other products that are available for purchase that may relate to their current selections. This will ultimately help to drive increased revenues as consumers will be enticed to purchase more on every transaction.

    In ADM, there is a new Upsells section on the Product Summary page and a new Upsells option on the Product tab drop-down menu. This will allow operators to create upsells on both the product and transaction level, providing more customization and display opportunities. We have also created a new Upsells report in ADM that will help to gather valuable insight on the upsells so operators can track and analyze every purchase.

  • With the Order Ahead feature, we have added in some customization options around the All menu functionality. When creating or managing a Self-Service Menu in ADM, operators can now hide, rename, or move the positioning of the All menu The functionality from the consumer’s perspective will remain unchanged so that they can still view all items on the menu, but now operators will have more control over the button display.

  • On the Inventory List tab on the Location Summary page, we have added a new “User” column on the results grid. This column will display the ADM user that performed each Physical Inventory, helping operators to verify who was in the market and when they were there.

  • When scheduling reports in ADM, users will no longer be able to schedule reports with a timeframe of “Today”. When reports were scheduled with this timeframe, the reports were most often not returning any results since no sales had yet occurred early in the morning when the report for the day was generated. This will help to limit confusion and blank reports since users will now be forced to select a historical timeframe with actual results.