ADM US & International Product Upload Templates & Explanations


As part of ADM's release on 11-19-20, we updated the SOSLoad Product Upload Template and renamed it the ADM Product Upload Template. You can now add an "OnHandQty" value that will set the product inventory value for the location level. This will also help when you are just changing a characteristic of a product. Before this update, you would lose the item inventory when you reloaded products.

On 4-16-21 we added tabs for the ADM Product Upload Template - Explanations spreadsheet and the INFORMATIONAL template spreadsheet (for international users) to add them into the ADM Product Upload Template spreadsheet. The attached spreadsheet is a combination of all three spreadsheets.

Operators must use either the US or the International template to input their products and then send them to the 365 Fulfillment team to upload. Please note that this only applies to Pre-Live locations.

If the location is Live, please submit either product upload template to the 365 Support team to be uploaded. 

ADM Product Upload Templates & Explanations v3.8.xls
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