Mobile Market 3.5 - Rel - [10-26-20]


The following new features and updates were deployed on 10-26-2020.


Mobile Market 3.5

Check out what we’ve been up to:

  • Payroll Deduct is a great payment option for consumers as it allows them to pay without cash or credit, while still being incredibly convenient. 365 has had a Payroll Deduct solution in GMA, but we have made some enhancements to the functionality with this release. Consumers will be able to spend their payroll funds directly at the kiosk, removing the need to first fund in the app or online and then make their purchase. If a consumer has insufficient funds on their GMA account and Payroll Deduct is setup, they will be able to auto complete the transaction without any additional effort required. If you are interested in learning more about Payroll Deduct or these new enhancements, please contact your 365 Sales Rep today!

  • We made improvements of the overall function and features.


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