V5 Rel - 200901 - [10-8-20]


The following new features and fixes were deployed starting on 10/8/20. 



What’s new

  • Payroll Deduct is a great payment option for consumers as it allows them to not need cash or credit to pay, all while still being incredibly convenient. 365 has had a Payroll Deduct solution within GMA, but we have made some enhancements to the functionality with this release. Consumers will be able to spend their payroll funds directly at the kiosk, removing the need to first fund in the app or online and then make their purchase. If a consumer has insufficient funds on their GMA account and Payroll Deduct is setup accordingly, they will be able to auto complete the transaction on the V5 or 365Dining kiosks without any additional effort needed. If you are interested in learning more about Payroll Deduct or these new enhancements, please contact your 365 Sales Rep today!

  • As referenced in a previous ADM release, when consumers add an email address to their GMA account, either when creating a new account or editing an existing account, they will now receive a verification email. This process ensures that users are entering real and valid email addresses and will help to provide more security and support for consumers. Users will not be able to access their account via email address until they have verified the email but can still use the other methods to access their account on the V5 and 365Dining kiosks in the interim.

  • On the V5 kiosk, we have added a new Create Account flow that will not prompt for Fingerprint usage at all by the consumer. Some locations are not allowed to use the fingerprint reader due to client limitations and to provide the best UI and consumer experience, we have made it possible to remove any reference to fingerprints in the Create Account flow. This setting must be enabled by 365 and is an alternative to the current default flow and will not impact existing kiosks unless specifically requested.

  • When managing inventory directly from the V5, market personnel can scan items on the kiosk to update the on-hand quantity. We have added in a keyboard on this page so users can type in the name of unbarcoded products or search for items that are not in the market so they can be updated as well. This page can be accessed on the kiosk by tapping the logo in the top left-hand corner five times, entering your PIN, and then choosing the Inventory option.

  • In the 365Dining Self Service mode, consumers can add items to the cart and checkout themselves. To provide a clearer and more intuitive experience for these consumers, we have added in a new setting that will inform consumers that an item they have added to their cart is sold out and cannot be purchased. This is extremely helpful when consumers are placing orders to the kitchen so they don’t buy an item that is not actually in stock and then must be issued a refund. This setting is disabled by default and must be enabled by 365 if desired.

  • On the V5 kiosk we have added in additional error messaging for consumers when they attempt to use a debit card that requires a PIN to be entered. These specific debit cards cannot be accepted on the V5 platform and with this additional error messaging consumers will be informed of why their card cannot be used on the reader, thus providing a better consumer experience on how to proceed in the checkout flow.



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