V5 Rel - 200701 - [8-13-20]


The following new features and fixes were deployed starting on 8/13/20.



What’s new

  • Audible feedback to users is an important aspect of providing confirmation that an action has occurred, and it can also act has an additional theft deterrent. On the V5 kiosk, we have expanded the audio feedback throughout the app to provide users with more context and have also added in a verbal cue when users cancel a transaction. When a transaction is cancelled, there will now be an audio clip that plays with the phrase “Transaction cancelled, please return your items.”, which will act as another theft deterrent. This audio clip can be toggled on/off on the Device Summary page in ADM in case operators do not want this feedback provided to users. Note that this clip will only play when the kiosk language is in English at the time of the transaction.

  • On the User Roles in ADM, operators can toggle whether a user performing a Cashout on the V5 kiosk can see the associated cash values or not. This allows operators to perform blind drops where the individual collecting the cash from the kiosk cannot see the amount of cash the system expects to be collected. Previously the V5 kiosk could hide the cash amounts on the Cashout receipt, and now the UI on the Cashout page will fully hide the cash values as well, creating a true blind drop scenario.

  • Operators can create Guest Passes on ADM that can then be used by consumers on 365Dining kiosks to complete their transaction. We have added in some additional guardrails and feedback so that Guest Passes cannot be misused by consumers to checkout. First, we have made it so that a Guest Pass cannot be used Cross Org and that the kiosk must be online for the Guest Pass to be redeemed. This will ensure that users are only redeeming the pass where it was intended and will not be able to overdraw on the pass if it is expired or has run out of funds. Additionally, we have added in feedback that will provide consumers with more context around the passes and why it was not accepted.


Bug Fixes

  • In Cashier Service mode on 365Dining we have fixed a bug that was preventing cashiers from setting the quantity of the product if it had an option for a modifier, but no modifier was actually selected. With this fix, cashiers will be able to successfully change the product quantity regardless if a product has a modifier selected or not.

  • In Cashier Service mode on 365Dining we have fixed a bug that was causing transactions that were $0 to not show on reports in ADM. With this fix, all transactions from CS will report back to ADM as expected so operators can accurately track transactions on reports for sales and inventory purposes.
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