V5 Rel - 201001 - [11-13-20]


Release Notes rel-201001-Kiosk

The following new features and updates were deployed on 11-13-2020.



What’s new

  • We have completed the kiosk portion of our new consumer feedback survey functionality! On the Location Summary page in ADM, operators will now be able to create questions that will prompt consumers after they checkout on the V5 kiosk. This new feature is a great way to interact with consumers in the market and gather their real-time feedback and ideas, such as if they found what item they were looking for or how they would rate their experience.
  • Drivers can access the Exit Screen on the V5 kiosk so they can perform a cashout event or update inventory levels. To access this page, the Driver must enter their PIN on-screen to be granted permission. We have updated this PIN entry to mask the characters as they are entered for a more secure experience.


Bug Fixes

We have fixed a bug on the V5 kiosk that was causing the product price to misalign in the UI when a promotion is active on the kiosk. When consumers add the qualifying item to their cart, the Promotion Display Name shows onscreen, which sometimes causes the product price to overlap and not be visible. We have fixed this bug so that the product price is aligned correctly and is easily visible for consumers.