ADM Rel - 200925 - [10-8-20]


The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/8/2020.



What’s new     

  • We have made substantial updates to the Kitchen/Prep Printer settings in ADM. This setting has traditionally been on the Product Summary level but has been fully moved to the Location Summary level. On the Location Summary page, there will now be a ‘Default Print Group’ setting in the Info section and a new ‘Print Group’ column on the Products tab grid. This will allow for each Location and each Product at that location to have a specific Print Group, which will provide substantially more customization and control.

  • If an EFT Disbursement was not made to an Org due to an insufficient amount of funds to disperse, there has historically not been a way to easily retrieve this data. To allow ADM users to pull this data themselves, we have updated the EFT: GMA Disbursement report in ADM to show records for the non-dispersed events. This will provide context and clarity into all disbursements so users can gather the necessary data.

  • In ADM on the Self-Service menu for Order Ahead, we have updated the options to ‘Exclude’ products from the menu. There is a new option for ‘Kiosk’, which when selected will hide that specific product from the kiosk menu. This functionality allows for more customization on menus and Order Ahead, providing operators with complete control.

  • Promotions are a great feature that help to drive users to the market and ultimately influence consumer purchasing behaviors. We have made some enhancements and optimizations around ADM promotion creation, which will allow ADM users to more reliably create and edit promos.  

Bug Fixes

  • The Financial Canned Report in ADM provides aggregate data around locations for a high-level view into market performance and product movement. We have updated this report to ensure that data for all values appear consistently and reliably. There was a condition on this report that in order to view Spoilage data, there also had to be Sales for the timeframe. We have updated this requirement so all data will appear regardless of other events.


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