Mobile Market 3.13 - Rel - [10-29-20]


Release Notes Mobile App 3.13

The following new features and updates were deployed on 10-29-2020.


Mobile App 3.13

Good news! We received your requests and we’ve made improvements and created some new features. Check out what we’ve been up to:


New Features

Consumers can now redeem a consumer engagement promotion an unlimited amount. We now have the capability to let a user take advantage of an offer as many times as they want during the lifetime of a campaign.



  • You can now customize the Feedback section within the app. Use the setting on ADM to customize what users will see when they navigate to the Feedback section.

  • You can now add special instructions to an item in Order Ahead. Need to tell the chef dressing on the side? You now have an easy way to enter it all!

  • For order ahead locations, Operators can now hide items or modifiers when their inventory has reached zero, to help ensure you as the user can get everything you are ordering.

  • Added helpful hints to help users with the scanning experience and product search when they navigate to the Scan and Pay feature.

  • Added labels to help users distinguish promotion types on the home screen for immediate redemption.


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