ADM Print Group Enhancements – Operator


Significant changes have been made to print group management. Originally default print groups were assigned to the product under the Product Summary for each product (org level setting). However, the need to define print groups at the location’s product level has made it necessary to move default print groups from Product Summary (org level) to Location Summary (product level). This document explains the updates and how the Print Groups features can be managed.


Print Group Defaults

(Moved from Product Summary to Location Summary)

  1. The print group default was previously set from the Product Summary setting called Kitchen/Prep Printer. Print Groups were also previously able to be changed in bulk under the Global Product Change. That option has been removed as the default setting at the org level, but added as an option at the location level.

Previous settings for establishing the product print group defaults are shown below for Product Summary and Global Product Change. THESE SETTINGS HAVE BEEN REMOVED!


New settings are shown below for the Location Summary and the location’s specific product.


  1. The Location Summary screen will now display a NEW setting for Default Print Group. This setting will be the default that is pre-selected when adding new products to the location. 

    To change the location’s default print group setting: Select the print group from the Default Print Group drop-down menu. All print groups for that particular location will be listed. The option for None will also be available if you do not have any print groups set for the location or do not want to have a default print group pre-selected.

Note: The default print group can always be changed per product based on the Location’s Print Groups as defined by 365 during print group creation.


  1. The Add Product to Locations prompt will now display a setting for Default Print Group. This setting will be pre-selected based on the Location Summary Default Print Group setting.  You can change the default for each product from this prompt when adding to products to the location.  

Note: You will always be able to change the products default print group from the Products tab after you have added the products to the location.


  1. The Products tab will now display a column for Print Group. This setting is the default print group for the location level product.  If the menu print groups are set for a particular product, those menu level print groups will override the default location print group setting. If there are no menu print groups set for a particular product, the default location product print group setting will be used. To change the default:

      1. Click the product’s Print Group setting.
      2. Choose from any of the other location’s associated print groups. 

Note: The Print Group column may be hidden.  To unhide the print group column:

      1. Select Manage Columns.
      2. Choose to unhide Print Groups for it to appear in the Products grid.



Menu Product Print Groups

(Update to menu product print groups UI)

The menu product print groups setting has moved from a prompt into an expandable or collapsible responsive friendly accordion directly in the menu sections. The was UI changed to provide a quick way to expand all settings for a menu product. This will allow you can quickly select the product’s unique settings without having to go back and forth by opening and saving the prompt. 





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