Mobile App 3.12 - Rel - [9-30-20]


The following new features and updates were deployed on 9-30-2020.



Mobile App 3.12

Check out what we’ve been up to:

  • We have added improvements to our Payroll Deduct Express feature for consumers. Consumers can now view their spending limit balance in real time and control the use of payroll deduct by opting in or out from their account on the app or web.

    Consumers who are at locations with auto-complete turned on, will have a quick and easy way of using the payroll deduct payment method during transactions in which their account balance may not be sufficient to cover their purchase.


Mobile Market (NanoMarket and PicoCooler) 3.4

  • As referenced in a previous ADM release, when consumers add an email address to their GMA account, either when creating a new account or editing an existing account, they will now receive a verification email. This process ensures that users are entering real and valid email addresses and will help to provide more security and support for consumers. Consumers will not be able to access their account using their email address until they have verified the email. However, they can still use the other methods to access their account on the NanoMarket and PicoCooler kiosks in the interim.

  • We made improvements on the speed of the overall function and features.


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