PicoVend Rel 2020.7.0 [9-28-20] - External


Release Notes 2020.7.0 – External

The following new features and updates were deployed on 9/28/2020.


Product Name

What’s new

  • Added MDB changes to allow support for old Seaga vending machines.
  • From the Admin page, we have added the ability to schedule an OTA update to be performed the following night on the next scheduled device reboot.
  • PicoVend now checks for an available OTA update on startup if not linked to a machine.
  • From the Admin page, added ability to navigate directly to WiFi or Ethernet settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where PicoVend cannot receive Pushy messages upon being linked initially.
  • Changed Vend Summary screen to allow more than three vends to display.
  • Fixed issue where the vending screen would show the amount sent to the vending machine rather than the amount authorized for the vend session.
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