ADM Rel - 200911 - [9-24-20]


Release Notes rel-200911-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/24/20.



What’s new     

  • As we continue to expand and enhance our Payroll Deduct functionality, consumers will have numerous options available to them to use the feature. To adequately capture these options and display the corresponding data, we have created a new Payroll Deduct Details report in ADM. This report will provide a detailed breakdown of all transactions and funding events that were performed with payroll, giving operators and clients full insight into the usage.

  • In ADM we have created a new report called Advana Eligible Locations. This report provides ADM users with the ability to better determine which locations are eligible for Advana Campaigns.

  • To better capture sales and make cross-report comparisons easier, we have updated the Sales Analysis report in ADM. This report will now include the Product Modifier price in the total overall amounts sold and will also include touchless transaction data. These updates will make the report more comprehensive and provide the necessary insight into all transactions.

  • If an Org in ADM has a VDI provider enabled, there is a specific VDI Userkey that is communicated between the provider and 365. To provide clearer insight into this data, we have added in a new VDI Userkey field on the Product Summary page that will display the value in a read only format. This will make it easier to reference products between systems and ensure everything is lining up correctly.

  • In ADM on the Device Summary page, we have added in a read only field labeled ‘Hardware Type’ underneath the current Description field. This new field will display the type of Hardware the specific device is, providing more insight to users on what they are interacting with. This can help with troubleshooting devices or help provide better context when communicating with 365 Support.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a few bugs in ADM reporting, including:
    • Showing up to date on-hand inventory levels on the Inventory Value Summary report.
    • Displaying the correct values for the Sold in Week and Total Sales values on the Inventory Value Summary report.
    • When exporting reports, the UPC/Scancode and Userkey fields will now export as Text instead of as Number formats.



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