ADM Rel - 200828 - [9-10-20]


Release Notes rel-200828-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/10/20.



What’s new

  • As we continue to expand out GMA Payroll Deduct functionality, we have made some updates to the settings on ADM. Updates include being able to set a default Payroll Deduct Cycle for consumers, having consumers Opt-In or Opt-Out of Payroll Deduct, and removing the need to Verify Payroll IDs as those will soon only be operator/client generated instead of consumer generated.

  • To provide consumers with more customization options while using Order Ahead, we have added in the ability for a Free Text product modifier in ADM. This Free Text modifier type can be associated with any product so when consumers add the item to their cart, they can add special text instructions. This will allow consumers to have more control over what they purchase and effectively communicate with the kitchen.

  • Pickup Locations are an important concept for Order Ahead that allows consumers to choose a specific place where they would like to pick up their order. We have added in the ability to define Pickup Locations in the Online Ordering Settings section on the Location Summary page in ADM. If you wish to provide this functionality to your consumers, it can easily be configured from ADM and will show the selected Pickup Location on the consumers receipt and on the CKDS.

  • When performing a Legacy to V5 PC swap, we have added in additional checks and settings for MKL Client kiosks. If a kiosk is deemed to be a client kiosk from an MKL, we will provide the user with the ability to copy the kiosk settings to that device. This will help to streamline the process and ensure that all kiosks that are being swapped will work as intended from the start with no manual intervention needed.

  • On the Entry Summary and Delete Summary reports in ADM, we have updated the Total Price field to pull from the Location Level Price as opposed to the Global Product Level Price. These updates will help to provide more accurate pricing information on the reports for clearer insights on the products added and removed from a location.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Inventory Value Summary report that was causing the Sold in Week values to be slightly off. We have updated the time zones being used on the report to reflect accurately for each unique ADM user to ensure that sales during the week period actually occurred during the specified week.
  • On the Financial Canned Report, there are columns related to Spoiled products that are removed from a market. A bug that was causing this Spoiled data to not populate has been fixed to ensure that it now correctly displays on the report. Adjustments must have one of the following reason codes associated to show on this report: ‘Damage’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Spoil’, ‘Spoiled’, ‘Spoilage’, ‘Waste’, ‘Wasted’, ‘Stale’, or ‘Stales’.


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