ADM Rel - 200807 - [8-27-20]

Release Notes rel-200807-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 8/27/20.



What’s new

  • Consumer email verification is an important part of Global Market Accounts so we can verify the identity of users and reliably get in contact if needed. With this new work, consumers will be required to verify their email addresses that are entered on the various 365 devices in order to use the email. Additionally, we have made updates to the Consumer Search grid and Consumer Summary pages in ADM that better clarifies the status of verified and unverified emails.

  • On the Location Summary page in ADM, in the top right-hand corner of the Info section we display a Location Code. This code can be used by consumers to link to a market to set their Home Location or connect to an Order Ahead location. To provide more uniqueness and clarity around this Location Code, we have updated the way the value is generated. Please note that this means the code will now be different than it was previously and that you may need to redistribute it to clients and consumers.

  • The 365Pay app is a great resource for consumers, allowing them to easily manage their account and fully interact with the 365 Connected Campus. To provide more insight into app usage, we have added in a new App Funding by Location report in ADM. This report will show the Total Funding and Average Funding amounts that have occurred in 365Pay on a location basis, giving more insight into how consumers are using the app.

  • To provide more insight and customization to Global Products in ADM, we have added in a Cost column on the Global Product page grid and have updated the Extend Product modal on the Product Summary page. When extending products to locations, you will now be able to set the location level characteristics such as price and min/max stock, ultimately making it easier to extend products in a single action.

  • When exporting reports from ADM, there can be large sets of data depending on the timeframe and number of locations used. In scenarios where users were exporting a large amount of data, we were capped at 64,000 rows in the results given the limitations of the plugin being used in ADM. To remove this limitation, we have updated the Excel standard version to be 2007 and above and the file format will now be .xlsx to ensure that users can export larger data sets.

  • With scheduled reports in ADM, it is possible that there is no data to populate the report with, so no record is generated, and no email is sent. To provide more insight into these instances, we will now be sending an email notifying users if there was no available data and report, so it does not appear as if the scheduled report was missed.


Bug Fixes

  • We have made two bug fixes to reports in ADM. The first fix is to show the correct data in the “Sold in Week” column on the Inventory Value Summary report. The second fix is to show the Sales Time Details data on the UFS By Employee Device



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