ADM Rel - 200724 - [8-11-20]

Release Notes rel-200724-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 8/11/20.



What’s new

  • When exporting reports from ADM, there can be large sets of data depending on the timeframe and number of locations used. In scenarios where users were exporting a large amount of data, we were capped at 64,000 rows in the results given the limitations of the plugin being used in ADM. To remove this limitation, we have updated the Excel standard version to be 2007 and above and the file format will now be .xlsx to ensure that users can export larger data sets.

  • On the Pick List Manager page in ADM, we have added in an option to “Cancel Pick List Orders” for Orgs with LightSpeed enabled. This functionality will provide users with the ability to cancel pick lists that have been pushed to LightSpeed but have not yet been returned to ADM. Previously operators had to contact 365 Support to perform this action, but this update now makes it self-serve.

  • For Order Ahead functionality, products within ADM can have other products added as a modifier, allowing for upsells and add-ons. These product modifiers have their own unique inventory levels and to ensure consumers only purchase what is available, we are now displaying these modifiers only if the overall product has a positive on hand inventory level. This update makes it so that consumers cannot add a product to their cart on Order Ahead if that product is not actually in stock.

Bug Fixes

  • The Alerts History page on ADM is a great tool for viewing previous Offline or No Sale alerts, as well as the current statuses of devices. A bug that was causing errors on this page whenever the hyperlinks were selected has been fixed so that users can accurately view this information and successfully drill through to the desired pages via the links.

  • We have fixed a bug on the Sales Item Detail report in ADM that was causing inaccurate prices to display for tax systems that include the tax amount in the product price (VAT). With this fix, the correct values will display for the product pricing.
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