ADM How to Create Modifiers - Dining

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This guide will walk you through how to create modifiers and attach them to items. A modifier will allow you to add any additional items to a product and will allow consumers to customize their orders.


Modifier Tab vs Modifier


Modifier Tab - This contains individual modifiers under one category. You can choose to have multiple modifiers under one tab or just a single modifier. The modifier tabs will always be needed as a place for the individual modifiers. The tabs are what you will link to your products.

Modifiers - These are the actual customization's you can start creating for your products.  For example, you can have a modifier that says "Choose a Topping" and in that modifier can be a list all the toppings a customer can choose to add to their order.


How to Create a Modifier Tab

  1. Click the Product tab at the top of the page.

  2. Click the Modifier tab.

  3. Click Create New.

  4. Type in a name and display name for your tab. (The consumer will see the Display Name.)

  5. Click Save when finished.


How to Create a Modifier

  1. Click the Product tab at the top.

  2. Click the Modifier tab.

  3. Click Create New.

  4. Type in a name for the modifier. For example, if this modifier is supposed to show different choices for toppings, you can call it "Toppings".

  5. Type in an instruction. Your consumers will see these instructions when ordering. For  example, "Choose your Toppings".

  6. Choose the type.
    • Value will allow you to add custom modifiers and assign a dollar value to each.
    • Product will link back to your product database and allow you to choose an item to be a part of a modifier.

  7. Keeping with the Toppings example, here are a few examples you can start typing into the fields. (Pickles, Olives, Peppers, Mushrooms, etc ...) These are going to be everything you will want your consumers to be able to choose when adding to their order. You can add as many options as needed.

  8. Assign a dollar amount to each field if needed. Keep the dollar fields blank if there are no additional charges for the options.

  9. Choose whether to Force the consumer to choose an option or not. If an option must be chosen as part of the order, then check Force so the consumer will not be able to skip making a selection.

    Here is an example of when you may want to force an option.
    If coffee is on your menu and the price of the coffee is determined by its size, then you can set up the options to say different sizes with associated prices in the dollar fields. The coffee product itself would be set at $0.00 as the price will be determined by the size the consumer chooses after selecting to buy a coffee.

    Be careful when forcing a modifier when there is a price associated to those options, as it will add on to the initial price of the product.

  10. Next choose the maximum amount of selections the consumer can choose. If you have 10 different options and the maximum selection is set to five, then the customer will only be able to choose up to five options.

  11. Click Save when finished.


Linking a Modifier to a Modifier Tab

  1. Click the Product tab.

  2. Click the Modifier tab.

  3. Click in a modifier tab that you have already created.

  4. Click on add existing modifier.

    You can also click on create new modifier from here. This is a shortcut to creating the modifier on this screen.

  5. Click on the drop-down menu to choose your existing modifier that you had previously created. The name you gave the modifier and the instructions will display in parenthesis.

  6. Click Add next to the drop-down menu after you have made your selection.

  7. Your modifier will populate the screen. You can continue to add more modifiers under this one modifier tab if needed.

  8. Click Save when finished.


Linking a Modifier Tab to a Product

  1. Click the Product tab at the top.

  2. Click Global Products.

  3. Choose the product to which you want to add the modifier.

  4. Scroll down the Product Summary screen until you see the Modifiers section.

  5. Click on the plus (+) symbol to add a modifier tab.
  6. All of the modifier tabs you have created will display. Choose the one you need for that product. The modifier will populate the screen.

  7. You can add additional modifier tabs to the item by clicking on the plus (+) symbol again.

  8. Click Save when finished.