ADM Rel - 200710 - [7-23-20]

Release Notes rel-200710-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 7/23/20.



What’s new

  • The 365Pay app is a phenomenal tool for end consumers that allows them to take advantage of several features including Scan and Pay, Loyalty, Refunds, and Promotions. Consumers who use the 365Pay app tend to be more engaged in the market and spend more money over time. In order to provide insight to operators on app usage, we have added in a new column called Active App Users to the ADM homepage dashboard. This column will display the number of unique consumers who have used the 365Pay app in some capacity in the past 30 days. This insight will show the adoption rate of the app by location, so operators know where to focus their efforts to push the app and unleash untapped spending potential.
  • To provide a more consolidated experience and to make it easier to find the action-oriented areas on the Location Summary page, we have introduced a new collapsible UI. By default the top Info section of the page will be collapsed so it will be easier to navigate to the commonly used areas such as Products, Commercials, and Inventory. To expand the Info section, all a user has to do is click the blue header bar and the fields will appear.
  • For Order Ahead locations, we have added in the ability to customize the Print Groups directly from the Self Service and Order Service Menus in ADM. This will allow operators to influence and set the Print Group on a product and location basis, providing more control and customization on where the product will be sent to in the kitchen to be prepared.

  • Home Commercials are a great tool to advertise to and communicate with end consumers in the market. Devices inherit these commercials from ADM and display them in a slide show format on-screen. To provide more insight, on the Home Commercials tab on the Location Summary page we have added in a new Order column on the grid that shows the order in which the commercials will show on the devices. This order is determined sequentially by which commercials were added first, second, and so on.

  • The EFT: GMA Disbursement report in ADM shows the amount of funds that were disbursed by 365 for the entire Org. Since this report only shows data at the Org level, we have removed the Location Select filter from the report to make the results clearer to users.

  • In ADM on the Reports tab, we allow users to schedule reports that will be automatically emailed to them on the specified timeframe. Previously, when users first navigated to the Reports tab, they were presented with a list of all scheduled reports they created, regardless of which Org the report was scheduled in. To help make this section clearer, we have updated the Scheduled Reports grid to show only the scheduled reports from the specific Org that the user is currently in, as opposed to seeing reports they scheduled in another Org.

  • When making inventory adjustments from the Inventory tab on the Location Summary page, users are required to associate a Reason Code to the adjustment. However, users were able to choose from both Add and Remove action codes regardless of the type of adjustment they were making. We have addressed this scenario and now perform logic checks to ensure that users are choosing an Add reason code when increasing inventory and a Remove reason code when decreasing inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Various ADM report bug fixes including:
    • The Order Count on the Device by Category report
    • The Total Sales amount on the Daily Sales Summary report
    • Displaying Discount amounts on the Sales by 15- and 30-Minute reports
    • The Total Price column displaying Discounts on the Sold Details report
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