ADM Rel - 200626 - [7-9-20]

Release Notes rel-200626-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 7/9/20.



What’s new

  • As the amount of data available within reports in ADM continues to expand over time, it is imperative that we optimize reports so that users can reliably retrieve the data they need. We have made a number of database structure updates and improvements to some reports in ADM and will continue to do so over future ADM releases. As part of this release, we have addressed the following reports: Cancel Report, Daily Sales Summary, Delete Summary, Entry Summary, Product Canned, Product Sales, Sales Summary and Cost, Sold Details, and Sold Details International.

  • For 365 Order Ahead, we have added in the ability for operators to setup a disclaimer message that will be presented to consumers at the beginning of their transaction process. This disclaimer will be set in ADM on the Location Summary page and can be used to communicate to consumers for a variety of purposes, such as informing them of potential allergens or cooking techniques.

  • To make assigning a Kitchen/Prep Printer to products easier in ADM, we have added in the ability to update this field from the Global Product Change page. Users in ADM will be able to select the Global Products they want to update and quickly assign a Kitchen/Prep Printer to them, greatly reducing the effort it takes to set this field.

  • We have recently implemented the ability for operators to manage the offline credit acceptance of devices. This new functionality allows operators to determine if a device will accept credit transactions when it is offline, and if so, for how long of a period. We have expanded upon this functionality in the current release to provide more feedback on the ADM settings and the offline email notifications to inform users of their device statuses and if they are accepting credit transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Product and Financial Canned reports that was causing the Spoil/Damaged and Short data to not display. With this fix, these reports will now accurately display this data so users can view the intended insights.
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