V5 Rel - 200501 - [6-17-20]

Release Notes rel-190501-Kiosk

The following new features and fixes were deployed starting on 6/17/20. 



What’s new

  • Touchless interactions allow consumers to use the kiosk and complete a transaction without physically touching the device, helping to potentially limit the spread of diseases. To provide consumers with a multitude of touchless options and a clearer understanding of them, we have updated the V5 UI cart screen to reflect these options. Consumers will be able to checkout without touching the device at all by using their market card, QR code from 365Pay, or their credit/debit card.

  • Having quick and easy insight into market data is very important to help understand what is taking place in the field. To help provider operators with more insight, on the V5 MicroMarket we have added additional logging to track how much cash is currently in the bill acceptor. With this logged data, we will now be able to display the current cash on hand on the ADM homepage dashboard so you can quickly determine how much cash has been inserted and if it needs to be picked up yet. This data will start displaying in ADM as part of the server release 200529, due out in mid-June.

  • In Cashier-Service mode on the 365Dining platform, we have added in the ability to Void both payments and promotional discounts that were used to complete a transaction. With this update, cashiers will be able to completely void all aspects of a completed transaction, which will ensure that all reporting on ADM accurately reflects the action.

  • On the 365Dining platform, we have made an update that will prevent users from taking any further actions once a credit card has been swiped to complete a transaction. Once a credit card has been swiped, the UI will lock down and will prevent the users from scanning or removing any additional items from their cart. This will ensure that users do not think they successfully edited their cart before completing the transaction and will make the final amount paid clear.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes
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