ADM Rel - 200529 - [6-11-20]


Release Notes rel-200529-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 6/11/20.



What’s new·        

  • As 365Dining and Order Ahead continue to expand, we have added in additional functionality to allow for even more customization and management. In ADM on the Self-Service menu page, we have added in the concept of ‘Order Limits’, which will allow users to determine how many Order Ahead transactions can be placed during a certain timeframe. This will allow operators to fully manage how many orders than can accept, ensuring that you can always fulfill placed orders and meet customer demand.

  • When adding Tax Rates to ADM, it could be a challenge to effectively manage them if an error occurred in the creation process or if an update needed to be made. To allow for better control over these Tax Rates, we have added in an Effective Time component to complement the existing Effective Date field. This will allow users to setup specific times when the rate will go into effect. Additionally, if the Effective Date and Time have not occurred already, users will be able to delete out that rate to help maintain a clean and accurate list.

  • Having the ability to catch potential theft in markets is an extremely important tool for every operator. This helps to limit the cost of shrinkage and maximize profits when you can effectively catch and help prevent theft. The Inventory Variance report in ADM is a great resource for identifying products with variances and gives you the ability to drill down into more detail to see where the potential theft may have occurred. We have made a number of improvements to this report to ensure stringent timeframes and accurate data are used to provide the most comprehensive view.

Bug Fixes

  • Home Commercials on ADM are a great way to advertise to and communicate with consumers as the commercials play on-screen while the kiosk is not in use. We have fixed a bug on ADM that was preventing loaded Home Commercials from displaying on ADM, although the commercials were still showing on the kiosks. This fix ensures that users will be able to effectively manage and view commercials on ADM.

  • In ADM when adding or editing Tax Rates, the UI allows for up to 3 decimal places to be entered for the rate. We have fixed a bug that was causing an error preventing the page from successfully saving these changes. With this update, users will once again be able to set Tax Rates in ADM with up to 3 decimal places.




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