ADM Rel - 200515 - [5-28-20]

Release Notes rel-200515-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 5/28/20.



What’s new

  • Loyalty is a great tool to incentivize consumers and influence their purchasing behaviors. Understanding how consumers are earning and redeeming Loyalty points is helpful in determining how many users are actually interacting with the program and the results you can expect to see. To help provide more insight into Loyalty, we have updated the Consumer Purchase Summary report on ADM to include details around how many points individual users have earned and redeemed over a period of time.

  • 365 utilizes the EFT: GMA Disbursement report in ADM to pay operators for all GMA based transactions. To provide an additional level of detail around which transactions comprise a disbursement, we have created the GMA Disbursement Detail report in ADM. This report will show a detailed breakdown of all the transactions that make up each batch, which can be cross referenced on the EFT: GMA Disbursement report where we have added in an EFT Batch ID column. These updates will allow operators to better audit and get a deeper understanding of the disbursements that are being made.

  • When using a VDI integration with ADM, operators manage all aspects of a product on the VDI platform, which communicates back to ADM. To provide a better experience for users who manage products we have added in a few barriers to that will allow for a combined product management approach. Users will be able to create products in ADM and assign them to non-VDI locations, but will not be allowed to edit VDI products directly from ADM. This update will allow for a combination of VDI and non-VDI locations to be in the same Org since now products will be able to be managed on their respective platform and assigned to the correct locations.

  • User roles in ADM are a great tool to control the level of access and permissions that individual users have in the system. To provide a more granular level of access, we have created three new permission sets around product pricing. These new permissions breakout the pricing component on the Location Summary and Product Summary pages, allowing for specific roles to be able to edit certain aspects of a product such as Min and Max, but not edit the product price.

  • On the Sales Analysis report in ADM, we have updated the search by Product Name functionality from an exact match to a similar match. This will make it easier to search for products in the report as you now do not have to enter the exact Product Name, but can instead type in a partial name and still receive filtered results.

Bug Fixes

  • On the Consumer Search page in ADM, we have fixed a bug that was causing all consumer accounts from an Org to Export. With this fix, only the consumers that are displayed in the results grid will be included in the exported file instead of all users from the Org.
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