ADM Rel - 200501 - [5-14-20]


Release Notes rel-200501-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 5/14/20.



What’s new         

  • The 365Dining Order Ahead application offers tremendous opportunity to leverage touchless technologies and provide consumers with an easy way to pre-order their items. We have continued to implement and expand on this functionality to offer even more customization and management options for your 365Dining solution. If you are interested in learning more about this product and feature, contact your 365 Sales Rep today!

  • We have updated the Inventory Value Summary report in ADM to provide more insight into the number of units sold for each product. There are now columns for ‘Sold In Week’ and ‘Total Sold’ on the report that will show the number of units sold from Sunday-Saturday for the Sold In Week column and for all time in the Total Sold column. This update helps to provide parity between ADM and the data found on the Inventory Analysis report from SmartHQ.

  • Many clients and operators reward their customers by having funds added to their Global Market Accounts. To effectively manage this application of funds, ADM allows for Bulk Funds to be added to consumer accounts on the Consumer Search page. We have made a few technical enhancements to this existing functionality to make it more reliable and quicker so you can easily manage the addition of funds.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Credit Transaction report in ADM that was causing the consumer name to not fill in correctly for funding events. With this fix, if a consumer funds their GMA account with a credit card, their account name will now correctly display on the report, helping operators and 365 Support to troubleshoot if needed.

  • When searching for consumer accounts on ADM, there was a sporadic issue occurring that was causing the page to error out and not return any results. We have fixed this bug to ensure that when ADM users attempt to search for consumers, the page quickly and reliably can fetch and display the results.


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