ADM Rel - 200417 - [4-30-20]


Release Notes rel-200417-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/30/20.



What’s new

To provide ADM users more security and management over their account passwords, we have overhauled the password setup process. Users will now be able to manually reset their own passwords using the ‘Forgot Password’ link and will be required to update their password on a consistent basis of every 90 days. Additionally, new requirements around password complexity have been put into place to ensure that all users are creating and using secure passwords.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on ADM that was causing Promotions to not setup correctly when they were being copied from an existing promo. With this fix, users will be able to reliably setup and manage promotions in ADM, regardless of how they are being created.

  • A bug within the Inventory components of ADM related to products with multiple UPCs has been addressed. This bug was causing products that had multiple UPCs associated to show numerous times in the Inventory sections of ADM, which was causing confusion and potential errors when updating inventory quantities. This fix ensures that these products will only show once instead of multiple times.
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